Our history

Our purpose and our goal.

What we do?

We encourage citizens’ organization and propel society’s interest to be represented in the government’s agenda, to dignify the life of our community.

Better Citizens and Better Governments?

Better Citizens and Better Governments
We seek to have an organized and participative society in public affairs in Nuevo Leon, as well as an efficient and open government that works for a dignified life.

Jesús Herrera Casso President
Jesús Herrera Casso
Avion de papel presidencia@consejocivico.mx

We are committed to continue working on building a community which has Better Citizens and Better Governments, putting a particular emphasis on the recovery of trust as a necessary step to be able to face together the challenges that our state is facing.

Mtra. Sandrine Molinard Director
Sandrine Molinard
Avion de papel direccion@consejocivico.mx

The work on networks as well as the spirit of collaboration, are the keys to achieve a transformation in our environment. We make every effort to create an environment in which non-governmental organizations in Nuevo Leon can increase their impact and effectiveness.

Our vision

To be the leading civic organization in the delivery of key factors for the generation of processes with collective impact and social transformation in Nuevo Leon.

Strategic Objectives

Icon Strengthen
Strengthen and Articulate the organization of citizens to expand its effective impact:
  • More, and stronger civil organizations, and leadership in key issues.
  • Better environment and more favorable conditions.
Icon Promoting
Promoting effective attention to major collective challenges:
  • With a long-term vision.
  • Through the coordination of social actors in processes and collaboration platforms.

Our cultural model.

Commitment and social awareness.
  • We are congruent in all our actions and an example of good civic behavior.
  • We take care of the social problems of our state, we highlight the challenges in the community, and we form alliances to facilitate solutions in a proactive and action-oriented way.
  • We work daily so the mission of the institution is crystalized with our actions, in addition to spreading in our surroundings the concern for the common good.
Leadership and teamwork.
  • We create spaces for dialogue, collaboration and co-creation with civic and governmental actors, in a positive and constructive environment.
  • We trust the individual leadership capacity of each team member, and motivate them to make decisions and take responsibility.
  • We promote collaborative work and seek to support our collaborators.
Reliability and integrity
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  • We act with honesty, always remaining truthful, promoting credibility before the members of the team, and the partners of the institution.
  • We are responsible for following the official rules, policies, and processes. Following and fulfilling the agreements is part of our work, as part of our responsibility to our colleagues and to the board of directors.
  • We build relationships of trust with our collaborators, and a positive work environment, in which problems are addressed in a timely manner with a constructive attitude.
Respect and empathy
  • We are a law-abiding organization, promoter of human rights and social justice.
  • We appreciate and value people and their environment, we accept and understand the way of being and thinking of others.
  • We resolve conflicts in a peaceful, non-confrontational way, and we reasonably consider other's positions.